I am very glad that I decided to schedule a full session with Tanya and the Crystal bed after meeting her for a free 15 min session. Though I went in for help with relationship difficulties, since our session I found that my previous concerns became irrelevant next to larger, spiritual and personal development issues that needed to be addressed.  After that session many opportunities and discoveries presented themselves as my life took an unexpected and welcome turn, and my relationship improved  tremendously in the process. I've  been on a kind of spiritual fast track ever since, and I am so grateful to Tanya for precipitating this amazing transformation !  
Kelly S.
I have diverticulitis. It is very unpredictable, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. Tatyana worked on me for one hour. I did not know if I would experience any relief or healing at that time, but later my symptoms had diminished by 80%. I could tell a few days later and then for weeks later. I still have diverticulitis, but I am much better. I live far away, but plan on seeing Tanya every time I come to town. Thank you, Tatyana.
Connie Y.
My first injury happened when I was 15 years old. I jarred my back at the dance class after landing from a jump. This injury lasted my whole life. Ten years later I had back surgery and had pain and nerve damage; over the last two years I was limping as I walk. I have gone through many different modalities - yoga, swimming, acupuncture, chiropractic, and physical therapy, and Tanya has released my ailments in seven visits - more  than a whole lifetime of the other treatments. I have not been able to tolerate standing, sitting, or walking until I was introduced to Tanya. She has shifted and aligned me toward having more energy and less pain, and my condition is improving every day. God bless you.
Darcy G.
Tanya is a powerful and passionate healer. I saw her for upper back pain due to scoliosis over a year ago and the pain did not  return. I used to go to a chiropractor several times a year for adjustments. She has also helped me to release and heal past emotional pain. Her energy soothes and relaxes the body, mind and spirit. Tanya is a great asset to the healing community.
Kathy G, Reiki master
I've been working as a housekeeper for a long time. I started to get carpal tunnel pain. Sometimes I could not go to sleep without pain medication. I had 4 sessions with Tanya and my wrist pain is gone. It's been 6 months already and I feel so relieved! Also, my frequent headaches are gone and I feel much happier (all anger, frustrations, and fears were eliminated or reduced). Oh, and my bunions are much smaller! I cannot be more grateful.
Margaret F. Clothing designer
I had acute stomach pain and chronic lower back pain. I, frankly, did not believe in this voodoo healing, especially if it was done via long distance. I live in Ukraine. I agreed to it out of curiosity and desperation. She worked on me at night time. I couldn't sleep - something was going on in my body. To my surprise, in the morning I woke up without any pain. It's been almost a year now - I feel great. Thank you, Tanya.
Anatoliy K. Mechanical engineer
Tanya worked on my son and my cat. I see great improvement every time we do a session with Tanya. She is a gifted and passionate healer and it shows in the results of her work. My cat was given weeks by the vets to live... it's been two months and he is eating well, playing, and his energy is improving. I highly recommend Tanya!
Katherina Y. Investor assets manager
I am a nurse and was continuing education last year, so I had to use my hands a lot (writing and typing). I have had carpal tunnel flare ups for many years, but during school it has gotten so bad that I could not even hold a pen. Also, I suffered from multiple allergies: pollen, cat, some nuts and vegetables. The allergy to pollen would get really severe. I would have very itchy eyes and throat, and my eyes would swell up. No over-the-counter medications were helping anymore; it became unbearable. After having only 6 sessions with Tanya (the majority of them were long distance) I no longer have any pain in my hands and no sign of allergies. Thank you Tanya! 
Anna S. Nurse
I have a Mexican heritage and love my salsa and hot peppers which gave me heartburn and bloating. Also I couldn't have my favorite cup of coffee in the morning and sometimes a glass of wine or one beer with dinner; I had acid in my stomach. Tanya worked on me 5 min 3 times and my problems are gone! Thank you, Tanya.
Sheila L
I see Tanya on a regular basis. I am a breast cancer survivor. Last year my blood test  showed an abnormal elevation. She cleared allergies, memories of my old medical procedures, karmas, and balanced my chacras . She rid my body of aches and pains. Tanya gives me clear intuition of what to eat and what to avoid to decrease inflammation in my body. She helps to decrease my appetite and to make better food choices. After treatment with Tanya I feel relaxed and rejuvenated. My recent blood test showed that I am cancer free! Yeah! 
Clare, owner of Oasis Westlake Wellness Center
I am a very grateful client. After just one session with you I feel an enormous difference and the new $5.8m escrow within one week is not a coincidence. Next week  we sold another house for $3,1 million. With deep appreciation! 
Robert Radcliffe., owner of multi million real estate agency,author 180book.com12simplesteps.com
(The client had 8 months of slow business)
A Dream Come True
May, 2018
One of my dreams in life is to straighten my spine. I discovered I had scoliosis when I was 12 years old when all students in my middle school had to do a health test. I had a 34-36 degree spine curvature to the right side of my back and upper shoulder. I did not know at the time what it meant to have scoliosis and how that would affect my life.I began experiencing intense pain in my upper back, shoulders and neck.  I soon learned to cope with the pain and it became a part of my everyday life. Most physical activity was painful to do and usually was out of the question. I am now thrilled and ecstatic to have started working with Tanya Vlachos in December 2017. Tanya is fully further addressing and helping me heal my scoliosis. God has truly heard my payers and answered them. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined meeting someone who would help me permanently take the pain away and straighten my spine! Tanya Vlachos is THE REAL DEAL. Each session with Tanya is a miracle, a discovery and a personal development journey. I become more in touch and aware of my feelings and my true SELF. She is aligning my spine and my life. Tanya is the most thorough energy healer I know, and she traces all physical, emotional and mental issues to their beginnings and their core in order to heal them. She is sensitive to the individual's needs and knows how to work with them. Working with Tanya is truly a gift and words cannot express my gratitude for her energy healing. Since seeing Tanya, I have become more relaxed and am enjoying life more than I can ever remember. Stress and tension are no longer common in my life and I am able to manage circumstances or problems better than ever before when they arise. I feel more light hearted and my spirit feels free. The world now looks very different to me than it did before working with Tanya. I am also more physically flexible and strong and am more emotionally flexible in everyday circumstances. Healing and making physical or emotional changes in one’s life can be scary and uncomfortable, but Tanya makes it really easy and she teaches one how to relearn new ways of being in the new healing state. She can help people change and heal any dis-ease, ailment, physical, emotional and/or mental issue or problem gently and that is why I love her work. Tanya is healing my scoliosis, and she has also eliminated two bunions and two spurs on my feet. With Tanya’s healing and support, you can have the most beautiful life you can ever imagine. You deserve it and you deserve nothing less than what you have always longed for.
With Love and Blessings,
Mariana Ramirez
Opera Singer and Voice Teacher
Tanya and I had a session today that truly changed my life! We were able to identify my resistance to full surrender to God's Love that was causing me much physical pain.
This allowed a shift to occur within me. Soon after she began work on my constant leg pain and numbness. She immediately got a vision of the energetic hologram of a large tumor that had been present previously in my body, pushing on multiple organs and nerves. She was able to release the presence and impact of that hologram immediately due to the release of my resistance that had just occurred.
I wouldn’t have believed it was possible, but immediately after I felt my hip adjust back to where it used to be before the pain started several months ago. When I stood up, I realized there was no pain. Within a couple minutes the numbness was also completely gone. Truly a  Miracle!  Tanya used the harmonic resonance machine, Quantum Touch and the Wonder Method healing modalities during my session. I’m forever grateful for this healing!
Kelly U.
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