TRINITY --is a bioresonance device based on several methods:

  • bioresonance and structure-resonance correction (first, second and third modes of the device operation);

  • transcranial stimulation (the fourth mode of the device operation).

The main idea of using bioresonance is that with proper selection of the frequency and form of electromagnetic influence, it is possible to enhance normal physiological and reduce pathological oscillations in the human body. Thus, bioresonance impact can be directed both at neutralizing pathological and restoring physiological oscillations disturbed under pathological conditions, i.e. to suppress interference (noise) in the information field of the body. It helps to remove waste and toxic substances. enhances body functions and systems (nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, excretory, endocrine, musculoskeletal, lymphatic, immune), it improves working capacity of organs, prevents premature aging, maintains natural balance 

Very helpful for treatment on the go( you can wear it on the neck)-$515


ZENWAVE --- device is the synthesis of two innonovative technologies - Bioland and Zenlight. is a miniature live copy of Earth's natural electromagnetic background. It is used in residential and industrial buildings to eliminate the after effects of the harmful influence of artificial electromagnetic radiation, to synchronize the left and right hemispheres, to harmonize the hormone production and to restore biological rhythms of the human body.

As a result of the work:

  • eliminates the effects of harmful impact of artificial electromagnetic radiations and fields;

  • synchronizes the left and right hemispheres by harmonizing the production of hormones;

  • restores the biological rhythms of the human body;

  • helps with stress, depression, chronic fatigue and meteosensitivity;

  • influences over higher nervous activity and intellectual abilities;

  • stimulates the production of melatonin hormone, which strengthens the immune system, provides an antitumor protection, reduces body weight, eliminates stress and inhibits the process of senescence-

  • helpful  for people working with computers, various electromagnetic devices, stressful environment( nurses,  call-centers, etc) $415.                                     HemoHim - herbal extract to help red blood cells formation( helpful to people going through radiation, for energy, metabolism, immune system