Tatyana was a civil engineer back in the Ukraine. Coming to the United States alone and starting her life from the beginning was not easy. She has worked as a Certified Nurse Assistant in Hospice for many years in the USA. She discovered her ability to heal after witnessing her daughter's long time relationship breakup. Her daughter was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and lost a lot of weight, losing interest in life. Unable to help her with a traditional medical approach, Tatyana found Faster EFT on the internet and started tapping, using the modality guidelines. Within one week her daughter's depression melted away, her smoking went down to 3 cigarettes, her appetite and sleep improved greatly. While doing the tapping, Tatyana noticed that her palms were throbbing and feeling heavy. After more research Tatyana found and took Quantum Touch classes, eventually getting a Quantum Touch Practitioner certificate. The Quantum Touch is an energy healing modality that uses life force energy, Chi or Prana, that facilitates the healing process. It takes Tatyana only a couple of minutes of light touch and people's hips are aligned; spines bent by scoliosis are straighter after a few sessions; arthritis pain is greatly diminished; allergies and digestive disorders are gone or improved. Tatyana is constantly learning and upgrading her certifications: The Wonder Method Practitioner and Instructor; Integrative Quantum Medicine Practitioner. Tatyana also mastered the following modalities: Dr. Kam Yen Method, EFT, AWE, Body Emotion Code, and Hawaiian Ho'oponopono. She also gives sessions remotely by phone or Skype.


A New Way to Heal


The Crystal Light bed is a powerful healing tool made from seven clear and highly polished Vogel quartz crystals. Each crystal rests above one of the seven human energy centers, or chakras. The Crystal Light Bed cleanses, balances and aligns your energies. Incorporating the Crystal Light Bed in the healing sessions tremendously speeds up recovery.